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High-end Private Equity Funds

Private Equity (PE) Funds has the following advantages. Firstly, the investment objectives and investment products are tailer made. We may formulate tailer made investment plans to satisfy clients’ specific needs. Secondly, the structures of PE funds are simple. It may formulate tailor made investment strategies for the rapid changes of market situations. In very important moment, PE has its advantages. Thirdly, the interest between fund manager team and investors could be consistent by the operation model of our fund managers who have rich experience to maximize clients’ interest. Lastly, PE funds periodically disclose the details of specific funds to specific investors. The investment strategies are hidden and the operations of PE funds are more flexible. It has larger probability to earn higher return for clients.

We are licensed Type 9 – Asset Management with the SFC. We try the best to provide professional asset management services to professional investors. Our experienced investment manager team manages funds independently, collects funds from high – end professional investors (individual and institutional) to invest high growth and high return projects, listing companies and unlisted companies globally. Within clients’ risk tolerance, we try the best to maximize capital gain and return for clients in any market situations. For investing in unlisted companies, we even appoint staff to give opinions in operating the invested companies to let the companies grow fast. Finally, we achieve capital gains for clients through listing, sold and so on to exit the investments. We may provide clients the following services.

※Discretionary Managed Funds

※Categories of funds including securities, bonds, industry, real estate and hedge funds, etc.