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Hong Kong Stocks

Hong Kong is one of the famous financial centres in the world. For the rapid economic growth of China and Asia-Pacific area, Hong Kong acts a more and more important role in raising funds for companies.

The Hang Seng Index which is the most important index has 50 constituents now, accounting for over 60% of the Market Cap of all the listing companies. Besides, there are many other sub-indexes to reflect the trend of specified sectors, including

HSI – Finance

HSI – Utilities

HSI – Properties

HSI – Commerce & Industry

Hang Seng China Enterprises Index

Except for the stocks, there are warrants, CBBC, ETFs and REITs in HKEx for investors to invest in.

The settlement day is the second business day (T + 2) of the trading day in the Hong Kong Stock Market, HKEx also allows buying and selling the same stock in the same day.

Also, there are no up-limit and down-limit in Hong Kong Stock Market.

Morning Session
Time Period
09:00 - 09:15 Order Input
09:15 - 09:20 Pre-order Matching
09:20 - 09:28 Order Matching
09:28 - 09:30 Blocking
09:30 - 12:00 Moring Trading Session
12:00 - 01:00 Extended Morning Session
Afternoon session
Time Period
01:00 - 04:00 Afternoon Trading Session
04:00 - 04:10 Closing Auction Trading Session

Margin Financing

We also provide margin trading service to our clients. Clients may use the stocks in margin account as collaterals to borrow the maximum margin value or the pre-approved loan (Referring to the lower amount) to increase clients’ purchase power.

(Note: Margin rate of stocks would be changed based on the real situation without informing the clients)

Trading Channels

We provide several kinds of price quotes and multiple trading platforms for clients’ securities trading which includes Hong Kong Stocks, Stocks of Shanghai – Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen – Hong Kong Stock Connect. Clients may trade securities through our website, smartphone apps (Android or iOS), iPad and Android Tablet, or our trading hotline.

Trade Confirmation

After execution of an order, we will confirm the results with the client as soon as possible. A client using internet trade, he/she may click the “Order Book” in the “Account” to check his/her orders or check our confirmation email. A client places an order through trading hotline, he/she may call our dealers to check the result or check our confirmation email. In order to protect the client’s interest, he/she should check the order status through internet account or call our dealer to check the order status after placing an order. We are planning to provide SMS confirmation service to clients, we will inform all the clients once we launch this service.


Before placing orders through dealers, internet or smartphone, clients should deposit sufficient margin in their accounts. The rest including trading commissions and levy should be deposited to clients’ accounts in settlement day. Otherwise, interest will be calculated for the balance due day by day with cash account interest rate or margin account interest rate and the interest will be added to clients’ accounts monthly. Balance of the sold securities will be deposited to clients’ securities accounts on settlement day, and the purchase power of securities sold could be used to buy securities immediately.

Clients may deposit cheques or cash for settlement in T+2. If a client wants to withdraw funds, he/she must give our customer service officer a call to place the withdrawal instruction.