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Asset Management

Investment Portfolio Management Services

We are a financial institution which engages in Type 1: Dealing in Securities, Type 4: Advising on Securities and Type 9: Asset Management regulated by the SFC.

「Investment Portfolio Management Services」is investment managers manage clients discretionary investment portfolios under their discretionary authorization. According to clients’ investment objectives, risks tolerance, personal preferences and restrictions, etc, to formulate investment policy statements to make foresighted investments in rapidly response to market opportunities and risk considerations.

Services Advantages

Professional Management: our investment team has rich and professional knowledge, investment techniques and extraordinary experience, clients may feel at ease to authorize us to manage their discretionary investment portfolios.

Rapid Response: Under clients’ discretionary authorization, investment Managers can rapidly make clear decisions to enhance investment return when opportunities and risks appear in markets.

Diversified Investment: Our investment team choose multiple investment strategies, effectively diversify investment strategies and enhance investment return.

Safe and Reliable: We strictly comply with the rules and regulations of the SFC, properly keep clients’ assets. Clients’ assets are independently under custody, fully separated from the company’s assets.